Program description.

The program allows to take part in trading on the difference in rates, but with more minimized risks in comparison with classic trading platforms.

Program creation.

To open the program, an important point is the correct assessment of the market situation, the client needs to decide on the course of entering the program, after which the generated application is approved by the service operator.

Description of the work of the program

After familiarizing with the capabilities of the personal account, we will consider how accruals are made according to the personal program, depending on its progress in days and the difference from the input and the rate fixed by the client (delta).

Accruals for active participation in the development of the service.

The affiliate program is based on 4-level line marketing and enables the client to earn money without having a personal investment.

Leadership bonus program.

We appreciate the efforts of each client who is actively developing partner networks and, first of all, it is important for us to popularize and promote our services.


Please note that registration via the affiliate link is possible only on the website, to confirm registration, you must specify a personal valid mailbox.

Balance replenishment and withdrawal of funds.

To replenish the balance in the account, the client needs to log in to his service partner account

Withdrawing funds from your account.

To withdraw funds from the account, the client needs to click the "Withdraw" button in the personal account and fill out an application by choosing the name of the currency that is planned to be transferred and its amount.



Applications for opening programs are processed by the operator of the BuyBelli service, after accepting the application for work, it will be displayed in the "Active programs" block of your personal account. If the application is rejected, all funds that form it will be returned to the balance of the client's account.
Check the internal account of the Argumentex service, you should also remember that the funds that form applications for opening programs and withdrawing funds become unavailable until the applications are processed by the operator. You can contact the online support operator for help and get all the information you need.
To participate in the BuyBelli program, you can use the payment systems Payeer, Perfect Money, cryptocurrency wallets that support operations with BTC, ETH, LTC.
In order to open a new program, you need funds in the equivalent of at least 300USDT (digital equivalent of the US dollar) in BTC, ETH or LTC. In this regard, your existing USDT needs to be converted into one of the above digital assets, for this you need to create a request to withdraw USDT from the BuyBelli to your internal Argumentex service account, this can be done by clicking the "Withdraw" button and indicate the digital asset to be transferred and its quantity. funds in the equivalent of at least 300USDT (digital equivalent of the US dollar) in BTC, ETH or LTC are required. On the Argumentex service within the internal account, all exchanges between digital assets BuyBelli USDT, BuyBelli ETH, BuyBelli LTC and BuyBelli BTC are performed without commissions.
The service provides two types of earnings through an affiliate program. First, accruals from the volume of digital assets on the balances of partners' accounts are made every 24 hours. Second, accruals that depend on profits for closed partner programs are made every 24 hours.
Daily charges begin to appear on the balance of the client's account, starting from the 14th day of the program (program progress) inclusive. This type of income within the service depends on the work of the partners' exchange services, the daily percentage varies. It does not matter at all in which digital asset you have an open program or programs, the profit from the exchange operations performed is distributed proportionally among all clients whose progress in the open program is at least 14 days. Arguments on the topic “I don't get anything for the first two weeks from my open programs” are not correct, each client for a given period, up to a progress of 16 days, accumulates a very important privilege - the percentage of compensation in the event of a fall in the rate of a digital asset placed in the program.