, by acquiring a franchise, makes it possible to separately develop the BuyBelli service system and become a representative of one of the future services-website operating in the BuyBelli system.

What is the cost of a franchise?

  • The franchise cost is 10.000 .

What does a franchise agreement with give?

  •   Payment for the office, which will be rented by the partner within 6 months (if necessary, it is approved individually).

  •   Accounting and legal support.

  •   Profit from the attracted client base in the amount of 50% with the possibility of building your own referral program (the program must be economically justified, reviewed and approved on an individual basis).

  •   Provision of a server with a domain name, customer website maintenance services.

What is the implementation timeline?

  • Before the start of full-fledged work, it takes about 3 months from the date of payment, during this period, the necessary package of documents is prepared, if necessary, an office space is rented, for an easier start - assistance from the service in the formation of a client partner base, through all kinds of promotion (advertising).

    Also, all clients who will be registered by the person who prevailed in the franchise will be listed in the system along with those already invited, this client base will provide a profit to the inviter at an income percentage of up to .

    The purchase of a server and a domain name is made within 3 working days after the purchase of the franchise.

If you buy a franchise and you can't get the job done and build a team?

  • For this, a trial period is provided - 3 months, after which the structure and dynamics of work will be visible, the turnover for 3 months and recalculation at the new interest rate of the affiliate program in the form of a business plan, in which the growth trend for the person who acquired the franchise (manager).

    In the event that the client does not see development and profit, or for other reasons is unable to continue the business, the service undertakes to return 100% of the franchise cost, the entire income under the affiliate program will be recalculated from the moment of payment to the moment the funds are returned according to the standard program.

Other franchise options and conditions can be discussed with the franchise sales department.

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